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idontwanttogo's Journal

Hello and welcome to idontwanttogo, a personal and reviews journal, where I will post about my life and keep you up to date on my interests. I have an edits and icons comm and a shared comm, also edits and icons, so you can check out the links for them below.

I'm a pretty opinionated person, so try not to be offended by my opinions as I understand you are entitled to your own. By this I mean, I am in no way racist, homophobic or have anything against any group who have not done anything wrong. By opinions I'm talking about not liking certain shows and enjoying entering in a debate with someone as long as they argue validly and act civilly.

My favourite TV show is Doctor Who, and I also enjoy the 2006 spin off, Torchwood. Although I prefer the Daves era, my problem lies not with Matt Smith or the other actors, but with Steven Moffat, who wrote spine chilling episodes (i.e. The Empty Child) in the Davies era, but who has, in my opinion, detracted from the general appeal of the show. That having been said, I continue to enjoy Doctor Who, and love the actors from the Moffat era as well. You're sure to find many angry posts about Moffat from me, but I say again, it's MY OPINION, so please don't be offended.

My favourite assistants are Rose and Sarah Jane (Rest in Peace) although my favourite actor is Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond. I have liked all the assistants, although I feel Clara and Amy were created as objects by Moffat to add sex appeal rather than characters. I have nothing against Gillan or Coleman, they are both wonderful actors who have done all they could with the parts they were given and I still love both Clara and Amy, just not what they represent. However, I'm on to another Moffat rant so I'll stop now.

Music is a massive part of my life and some artists I enjoy include, The Smiths, Morrissey, The Arctic Monkeys, Chameleon Circuit, Alex Day, My Chemical Romance, Muse, The Vaccines, Lily Allen and many others but you're probably bored now.

I enjoy TV and (other than DW and Torchwood) I also enjoy, Miranda, The Inbetweeners, Primeval, Mrs Brown's Boys, The Simpsons, The Royle Family, I'm a Celebrity and other TV series that come on from time to time (i.e. The Dome- Stephen King).

I also have a massive love for youtubers and Harry Potter, both of which have had a huge positive impact on my life. I love some many youtubers and devote a huge part of my life to them, my favourites being AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire. I have read and watched the Harry Potter saga countless times and it will remain a part of me forever.

I also love science fiction sagas (i.e. Star Trek) and Marvel (DC is good too but Marvel is ultimately the winner).

At school I enjoy science and English, and I think I would like to study Psychology or a science at university, although journalism interests me too. Perhaps a journalist who works in the sciences?

That's all I can think to tell you but feel free to ask me more, I'll probably answer!

Find me at:
http://pretenditsaplan.livejournal.com/ -my own comm for Who and Torchwood icons
http://roseinperil.livejournal.com/ -a comm I share with a friend for Who and Torchwood icons
https://twitter.com/idontwanttogo1 -Twitter
http://idontwanttogo1.tumblr.com/ -Tumblr
http://www.wattpad.com/user/idontwanttogo1 -Wattpad